Due to the current situation with the hoster (problems with server hardware) and the inability to transfer all data to a new server, we decided to close the UchetOblako project. The project will run until the end date of the client's last payment.

By registering with the service, you get

All ready
All ready

• The software part of the resource is already debugged and its logic is checked by specialists;
• The system is oriented for maximum performance;
• Everything is ready, your only task is to register and work;

Simplicity and convenience
Simplicity and convenience

• The user interface is designed in such a way that it looked like the most familiar of your Windows applications, such as for example 1C and SAP. All the necessary elements are always evident and always at hand. Do not believe me? Check it out for FREE!;
• Platform independence. You can work with your data from any computer running Windows / MacOS / Linux. You can even view reports system and generate some documents directly from your Pocket PC!;
• Not associated with any particular computer in your office. All you can do sitting in your favorite chair home from home;

Financial benefits
Financial benefits

• No extra cost, only the monthly fee. For the user, there is no need to buy additional software, pay for services programmers and system administrators. Do not believe me? Maths your monthly maintenance costs of your computer and accounting software and make sure it is really cost-effective!;
• For the work you need only a computer and an Internet connection;

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