Payment Methods

Payment service comes as a subscription fee. Using Price List, you can independently determine the necessary amount of the payment, taking into account possible discounts. Payments can be made six ways, but if you do not find a convenient way for you to pay, let us know and we will as soon as possible, connect it!

The comments indicate the number of months and enter the desired amount manually. (Account number: 410011892436923)
Use the switch Visa или Yandex, because The default setting Visa

In a footnote, specify the number of months and enter the desired amount manually

WebMoney рубли R714729599049       WebMoney гривни U101606159516
WebMoney доллар США Z283441953686       WebMoney Эвро E366569669682
In a footnote, specify the number of months and enter the desired amount manually

AdvCash рубли R 2629 8851 1686       AdvCash гривни H 7530 1852 9280
AdvCash доллар США U 8987 4561 0634       AdvCash Эвро E 9483 8084 5446
funds should be credited to the: +380509509649 (only for Ukraine to enter the entire number completely), Payment can be made through payment terminals QIWI.

    - Menu: Electronic money
    - Provider: QIWI Wallet
    - Enter the QIWI purse +380509509649 (enter the entire number completely)
    - Click on "pay" and fill in the required amount
    - Provide the number and date of the check or send a scan to check
*At the time of this writing, the commission was still 0.
Online payment service UchetOblako and additional services through the system LiqPay. It is advisable to also send a message about the payment to our e-mail: сообщив Логин и Услугу
Attention: Payments are accepted only from the Personal cards. Payments from corporate cards temporarily not available.
  To make a payment Contact Support and we will send you the card number Privatbank for translation. Translation can be done, even if you have no cards (accounts) in Privatbank. In all departments, and in some shopping centers Privat installed terminals, through which you can make payment.
In the purpose of the payment does not need to specify anything.


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