Intuitive Interface

The application is intuitive, because it has an interface (appearance), all your favorite, Windows-applications. Accordingly, you do not need to spend any time or money on training (reading assistance passage of Web-binary).

Auto update

You no longer need to manually download new versions of software to install them. Web application under the watchful supervision of professional staff to do it for you!

Service is always online

You have access to the application "Warehouse account online" from anywhere in the world, even beyond - wherever there is an Internet. Thus, being always in the know of the enterprise!

Quality support

If you have any questions about the application, then our professional Help Desk is happy to help you. We can also help you or even develop any patterns printed forms 'Developer Online'


Automate your business! Sign up and start using the service completely free of charge!


UchetOblako - the best choice for the management of stores and warehouses

If you have not decided on the automation tool of its business, or just planning to open a business and looking for an effective, inexpensive tool for managing warehouse or store. Or already drive trading activity in a notebook, or, at best, using MS Excel, and their ability to maintain a record of you will no longer suffice. Then come to the aid SaaS application that easily cope with the introduction of inventory control, inventory management of your store. If you install special software in your company, you probably already know that such software is difficult to implement and often quite expensive in purchasing the license and maintenance. And you need a fast, simple solution for trading. Moreover, you do not want to spend a lot of money for the purchase, deployment, support for the introduction of SaaS online storage, then UchetOblako service created just for you! You just should register, then download the software for warehouse management.

The program for the account of the goods in the store or warehouse

UchetOblako - a feature-rich accounting software products and trade from anywhere in the planet, through the Internet that will help you optimize your account turnover (goods, stocks, residues), orders and movements of funds. The program can print out all the necessary information in the form of printed forms for pattern (invoices, bills, invoices). There is an opportunity to shape their patterns of printed forms. The program for inventory accounting requires a minimum financial investment, just-nothing: from 100 rubles per month. Almost does not require any configuration. Unlike most analogues in UchetOblako have a free version - you can drive inventory control products services download accounting software to the cloud. Use it any person, even with computer skills at user level.

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