Wholesale trade and retail

Wholesale and retail sale of goods, rendering of services. Invoicing. Discounts. Reservation. Prices of goods in any currency. The order, monitor their status. The account balances of goods in warehouses and retail stores.

Warehouse accounting

All warehouse operations parish, flow, movement, inventory write-offs, posting surpluses. The formation of residues, orders to suppliers. Formation of warehouse documents. Supports simultaneous multiple warehouses.

Retail online

User-friendly interface for retailers in the store with the possibility of several sellers, cashiers in the same shop, view revenue cashier throughout the store at any time, Cash Online

Orders online

The interface in which the purchaser may form themselves orders, conduct them with you on sending e-mail messages, cancel the holding, generate reports. Counterparty, the buyer sees only their instruments


All the necessary documents: bills, invoices, statements, bills of lading of Commerce, invoices, and many others. Automatic Hand numbering archive. Own templates.

Money and Debt

Control with contractors, acts of verification. Cash: work with several cash registers at the same time, registration fees, including foreign currency, printing money orders. Reports: revenue warehouses, settlements, cash flows.

Salary and bonus

Set up salaries and bonuses for employees. You can pay a salary for both the month and the day, the premium is calculated as a percentage of all sales minus returns. The system binds each sale and return to the user. In the report, the salary and bonus are calculated for the selected period.


The service contains all the necessary reports for the work and analysis of business activities: cash, reconciliation, sales, profits, balances, reserves, movements and liquid goods, purchases and price list. And as reports on documents and on orders of buyers in each service module.

My Organizations

It is possible to run several organizations in the same account.


In the Retail module, it is possible to connect fiscal registers (tested).


Each account has the ability to activate a mini online store, which is fully automated with the UchetOblako service. All customer orders are created directly in the service.



Automate your business! Sign up and start using the service completely free of charge!

Key features

General information

accounting in multiple currencies;
Accounting for an unlimited number of warehouses. Multilevel system of warehouses;
Multi-system nomenclature;
Currency counterparties;
Documents for all commercial and warehouse operations (orders, invoices, expense factors, the posting of the counterparty, the movement of inventory from one location to another, account invoices (sales), write-off of goods, return of the buyer, the vendor returns, inventory and acts regrading ;
Create payments by cash (cash management), by bank transfer;
Reconciliation with contractors (act of reconciliation);
Printing forms for all documents, the development of its PF;
Export to Microsoft Office Excel, HTML format;
Price management: six categories of prices (where retail, wholesale - periodical), the calculation of the prices in the currency control of minimum prices;
Discounts: manual installation, from the directory on the client;
A large number of reports;
Support bar for cats products. counterparties. Using the barcode scanner;

Supporting Documents
Customer orders;
Orders to suppliers;
Purchase Invoice;
Sales Invoice;
Return to the supplier;
Return the buyer;
The act of providing services;
Payment order; Account cash warrant (FFP);
Cash order (CSO);
The power of attorney;
The act of posting;
The act of writing off;
The act of moving;
Act regrading;
Inventory act;

The report of the day;
Box office report for the period;
Not paid Dr. you;
Not conducted by Dr. you;
Report on the orders of the buyer;
Report on the orders of suppliers;
Remains of inventories;
Movement of goods and materials;
Reconciliation Act;

Advanced Features
Management cash online;
Retail online;
Orders Online - counterparty itself can create orders yourself;
Print price labels with bar shodami;
An act of reconciliation with counterparties;
Search nomenclature code, part number, name, bar code;
The possibility of periodic Item details, staff exchange;
Keeping goods in foreign currency, changes in exchange rates;
Accounting for the different rates of VAT;
Calculation of salaries and bonuses;

Importation of goods, contractors, residues;
Export: commodity counterparties residues;
Deleting marked objects;
Differentiation of staff;
Management online stores;

Restrictions freeware
Stand-alone operation;
Not more than 1,000 products;
Price controls;

The account balances of stock

Program to account for orders by automating business processes, accelerate, as well as simplify the process all orders that arrive. Thanks to our program for the introduction of trade Accounting "Cloud", you can always quickly respond to all customer requests - to make delivery of the goods quickly, in time. The presence of the program service to conduct trade and warehouse account will allow your organization to do so in accordance with the actual remains of the range of the warehouses, as well as give an opportunity to reserve a range in the required amount.

Movement of funds
UchetOblako program in which you can register for free, allows you to keep a record of the range of materials on the inner codes, part numbers, serial numbers, bar codes, manufacturing, financial services, customer orders, in warehouses, retail outlets, shopping and other features. That is, thanks to the capabilities of our software, warehouse, shop can be seen in the general accounting and autonomously, as a part of the whole structure, accountability, which is displayed in the forms provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and Ukraine online as HTML page or an Excel or print Depending on your choice.

Always relevant, reliable reporting on the warehouse online.
User program accounting nomenclature of goods in stock have access wherever there is Internet to all the information, and information is always completely reliable. Sign up, download the software package for warehouse and shopping online UchetOblako accounting, will always get the current data on financial transactions, the real presence of the goods on your warehouse - it means to be always in the know of the business, to eliminate the risk of overdue orders because, for example, or an insufficient number of general lack of goods.

Application of the program to account for the range of goods in the warehouse can be used when printing the FS standard templates, or create your own patterns, both on the basis of existing and self-developed as well as developing an earning patterns to other users of the service. Created documents can be sent to the counterparties e-mail, print or save to a USB flash drive when running on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with Internet access.

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